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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Half-heartedness - by, Alyssa Paige

the sounds are pretty,
don't mean a thing,
but are oh so pretty,
i listen half-heartedly,
only with one ear,
i smile dreamily,
thinking sad thoughts,
pushing back tears,
but listening to,
the pretty sounds,
and smiling all the while,
only to myself,
no one else knows,
and everything's a blur,
only pretty sounds,
and half-heartedness.


Life - by, Alyssa Murkin

Life's unfair.

But no one ever said it wouldn't be.
So why do we all expect it to be so?

Everyone knows nothing is fair.

So why the disapointment?

Why proclaim "That's not fair!", as if suprised?

Of corse it's not fair.

So just accept it, right?

Easier said then done apperently.

This Old House

This Old House - by, Alyssa Paige

This old house,
is caving in,
the walls are still standing,
but I feel its weight pushing down.

The confites of this same old place,
day after day,
make me wish it would colaps,
and i could get away,
but it holds a certain emotion,
one which i'll never let go of,
so here I stay.

This old house,
is caving in,
the walls are still standing,
but I feel its weight pushing down.

So many things have happend here,
so many memories I could never forget,
but now in its old age,
and mine as well,
all those times,
seem only to be haunting me.

This old house,
is caving in,
the walls are still standing,
but i feel its weight pushing down.

What I'll do next,
is still a mystery,
when this house will finally fall,
is unknown as well,
I sit in ponderance of this world,
and how all lives will end,
and every minute i feel more and more compressed.

This old house,
is caving in,
the walls are still standing,
but I feel its weight pushing down,

Saturday, September 09, 2006


i hate it,

aboslutley HATE it,

that where ever i go,

everyone always has someone,

and i have no one,

every boy and girl,

are holding hands,

are walking along together,


and i get so infuriatingly jealous,

and it all feels so unfair,

if i can't love,

why should they,

then my heart says,


but my head says,

never you pathetic loser,

and it makes me want,

to drop to my knees,

turn up to the sky,

and cry,


Green Abyss

this green abyss called earth...

just isn't worth all the fuss...

so why even bother?..

why go on?..

no one knows...

yet look at how many people there are...

in my space...

i need more spcae...

in this green abyss...

called EARTH...

Saturday, August 05, 2006


The sky's so big,
makes me feel so small.

The sun's so bright,
makes me feel so dull.

The grass is so lush,
makes me feel quite drab.

The trees are so tall,
makes me feel like nothing at all.

The birds are so loud,
makes me feel like i'll never be heard.

The world is so vast,
makes me feel completly insignificate.

But someone, somewhere,
is thinking about me,
cares about me.

Or at least that's
what i keep telling myself.


Peachy - by, Alyssa Paige

a flood of
death &
lies for a
moment in
eternity is

{{well i wrote this using my magnetic words set. it sounds pretty random, and kind of is, but i'll explain what it means to me. if it means somehting different to you, then so be it.}}

{{if death and lies only come for a moment in eternity, then it's fine. because the world needs good and evil to balace out. sort of like noahs arc i suppose. it took a terible flood, but then after that things were fine. though i suppose that didn't last for very long, considering the affairs going on in the world today. so if a flood of death and lies is upon us, it will soon be fine, for it's only a moment in eternity.}}

The Storm

The Storm - by, Alyssa Paige

Rain rain
You're here to stay

You comfort me
So beautifuly

The thunder rumbles
As lightening tumbels

The clouds all hover
As if to cover

But I see through
Straight through to you

It's dark too early
But I do not worry

Rain rain
You're here to stay


Friday, August 04, 2006

Paranoia Paranoia

O.o i just felt
i swear i did
was it him?
or was it only you
god damn it, leave me alone!


Heat - by, Alyssa Paige

my bodie is warm
i've had to much sun
i feel as if
i'm radiating heat
don't get to close
i just might burn you
i touch my hand
to my bare skin
it doesn't feel
is there nothing to
releave me
does anyone have
a bucket of
cold water
i want to cover
my face
away from light
keep me
keep me
enough heat
enough is always
too much
so burry me
in the cool
cool earth.